Lotus Temple Hampi, Hampi Ruins, Places to visit in Hampi

Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable: Hampi Ruins

Hampi has so many excavated sites that it will take you months to explore all of Hampi ruins but out of all, Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable are certainly the key attractions for tourists. Both are located in the same complex and are clean, green and very well maintained.

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Lotus Mahal, Hampi

This is a symmetrical palace built in the shape of lotus and looks very beautiful. This small yellow palace looks super cute standing amid a big green ground.

Lotus Mahal Hampi, Hampi Ruins, Elephant Stable, Places to visit in Hampi
Lotus Mahal Hampi

Another view of Lotus Mahal. Considering the way this complex has been maintained, it would not be justified to call them as ruins.

Lotus Mahal Hampi - Sunshine, Elephant Stable, Hampi Runis, Places to visit in Hampi
Lotus Mahal Hampi – Sunshine

Elephant Stable, Hampi

As you move ahead inside the complex, you will reach to Elephant’s Stable at the end, another jewel of Hampi Ruins. In earlier times, this place was a stay for elephants of other kings who used to visit Vijayanagara Kingdom for inter-state meetings. There is a stable for each kingdom’s elephants.

Elephant's Stable Hampi, Elephant Stable, Hampi Runis, Places to visit in Hampi
Elephant’s Stable Hampi

Being green, clean and well maintained, this place is also ideal for school picnics. It was pleasure to see school children enjoying out at this heritage site.

School Picnic at Lotus Mahal Hampi, Elephant Stable, Hampi Ruins, Places to visit in Hampi
School Picnic at Elephant Stable, Hampi

Complex also has ruins of a basement that once used to house queen’s palace. You can see these of Hampi ruins to your left immediately after entering the complex from main gate. These of Hampi ruins are superbly maintained and look clean and attractive.

Queen Palace - Lotus Mahal -Elephant Stable - Hampi Ruins, Places to visit in Hampi
Basement of Queen’s Palace, Hampi

Entry Fee for these of Hampi Ruins

Rs 10 per person (Please keep your ticket safe as same ticket is also applicable for entry to the famous Vittala Temple of Hampi and you do not have to buy ticket again there.)

Location in Hampi

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