Hampi in monsoon: Temples, Ruins and Hippie fun during monsoon

Hampi Trip: 5 Things to take care

Hampi is sheer beauty and after your Hampi Trip, you will have ample reasons to fall in love with this place. Hampi  has to offer almost everything, be it the chill out atmosphere of the restaurants at Hippie side or its temples who welcome all and make feel at home or Hampi ruins and sites which take you back by centuries into ancient era.

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We had an awesome time at Hampi and based on our experience, we are putting 5 things that you should take care if you are planning a Hampi Trip –

1. Carry hat, sunglasses and water (Hot and Dry Climate)

Hampi is hot and dry for most part of the year and even during November to January when weather is relatively pleasant here, temperature rises during afternoon. So carry your caps and sunglasses and keep a bottle of water ready with you all the time to beat the heat.

Weather gets very pleasant during monsoon and with greenery all around, Hampi has a lot to offer during monsoon. We visited Hampi again during rainy season and it turned out to be pleasant trip (Read moreHampi in monsoon: Roll and Chill)

Hampi Trip, Vittala Temple, Hampi Ruins,
Water, hat and Sunglasses: Must for a Hampi Trip

2. Hire a moped, cycle, auto or car (Tourist sites are spread all over)

Hampi has a plenty of options to visit spread out on both the sides of Tungabhadra river and you can certainly not cover them on foot. So, it is highly suggested that you hire a mode of conveyance. Moped and cycles are easily available on rent but on a hot day, it may be tiring to ride them. Autos (3 – Seater & 8 – Seater) are easily available everywhere in Hampi.

Hampi Trip, Vittal Temple, Hampi Ruins, Hampi Temples, Places to visit in Hampi
Hire a conveyance or rent a moped/cycle on your Hampi Trip

3. Keep a map handy and plan your day in advance (Poor Mobile Signals)

If you are thinking to rely on GPS to explore Hampi, forget it :). Mobile signals in Hampi are extremely poor, actually completely absent at most of the sites. So keep your day planned in advance. Keep a map handy and finish all urgent calls before stepping out. Actually it is also blessing in disguise -at least some relief from regular tring tring.

Hampi Trip, Hampi Temples, Hampi Ruins, Places to visit in Hampi
Plan before you plan to getting lost in Hampi

4.  Boat is the best option to cross river (No bridge. Yes, No bridge)

If you have your own vehicle and you are looking to go to other side of the river, think twice or I will say, ten times because there is no bridge. There was one bridge which got damaged some years ago during monsoon floods and boat is the only option. Also, mopeds are not allowed in the southern side of the river (Ruins side), so there is no use of driving 45 KM to reach the opposite bank of river which you can cross by boat within 5 minutes (Check Directions here).

Hampi Trip, Crossing the river, Hampi Temples, Hampi Runis
Boat is the Lifeline in Hampi

5. Choose correct Railway Station to get down on your Hampi Trip

There are two railway stations that you can get down to reach Hampi – Hospete and Munirabad. Both of them are located to opposite side of the river. So, in case you are looking to visit Hampi ruins and Vittala Temple and staying that side only, choose Hospet but if you are staying on Hippie side (most guest houses are on this side only), get down at Munirabad. Most trains has a halt at both railway stations.

Hampi Trip, Hampi Runis, Hampi Temples, Best places to visit in hampi
choose your Hampi Trip railway station wisely

Read more about our Hampi trip here – Hampi: Temples, Ruins and Hippie Fun

Hotels in Hampi

You may book your hotel in Hampi  either on Hampi island or towards hippie side. Book your stay well in advance if you are going during new year or during long weekends as there are limited stay option in Hampi. You may search more of Hampi hotels at booking.com below –


So, have a great time at  your Hampi Trip. This city has a spirit of its own and you will carry a part of it with you for sure. Let us know in case you require any assistance in planning your trip.

Happy Exploration !!

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