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Here are the places that we visited during our Bhutan backpacking trip. Please click on each place to read the respective blog. Also, please feel free to write us in case you need any help to plan your itinerary.

  • Guide Book: Lonely Planet Bhutan (Buy it from| A quick reference to find places of interest in different cities of Bhutan (Entry days and timings)

Update: Cash Withdrawal from ATM

Indian Bank ATM cards no longer work in Bhutan. You can check at the back of your ATM card also as it is clearly written  – Not valid for payment in Foreign Exchange in Nepal and Bhutan. So, please call your bank and confirm upfront and confirm to avoid inconvenience during your trip.

Happy Exploration!! Do write to us for any assistance.

18 thoughts to “Bhutan”

  1. A big THANK YOU for creating this wonderful blog. The experiences you penned down are very inspiring and your photos are truly mesmerizing. This is perhaps the only authoritative place to get all this useful info for Indian tourist to Bhutan. I have a few questions though:
    1. You mentioned that prior booking f buses is mandatory. So what is the process for that? Is it possible online?
    2. Where can one get the shared cabs from? Do they look any different from the private ones? (Perhaps you could make a separate blog post on transportation, like have for accommodation and immigration).
    Cheers and happy travelling!!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Himanshu. Really feels great when fellow travelers appreciate your work :). For your queries, please find our responses below –
      1. Prior booking of buses can be done only from the city stand from where the bus originates. Online booking is not possible at all. Most of these bus stands do not even have phone nos for inquiries. Different private operators operate buses for different routes and we were even surprised to find that the person sitting at a window was not aware of the route/timing details for the window next to him/her 😛
      2. Getting shared cabs is easy. Bhutan cities are very small and you can ask anyone about taxi stand and easily walk (Usually next to Bus Stand only). So, this is an easy part.

      We had considered writing a blog on transportation too but had dropped the idea thinking that who would use Public Transport like we are mad about it but we were wrong :). Will certainly add a post about travel.

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply. Will definitely keep this info in mind. Btw, the real fun of travelling to a new place is only by foot, or public transport where necessary 🙂 I am sure you would agree!

  2. Thats great we are looking for places like tiger monastry.musueums and other places till now we have not started sketching down the plan.but for June we have planned.Off beat explorers blog is so useful and we are going to plan 70 percent from this blog..will keep posted on any updates we make.

  3. Your blog is so good. I am planning my trip to Bhutan using the blog as my guide book! Thank you for taking the time to do this in so much detail, allowing travellers like us the luxury of good advice.

  4. Hi,

    I am planning a trip in the end of August. I will be travelling from Mumbai. I can’t find details of any flights to Bhutan on the internet. Could you please help me in planning the travel from Mumbai to Bhutan?

    1. Hi Shruti,

      You will not be getting direct flight from Mumbai to Bhutan. Flights to Bhutan are operated by Drukair ( who opearate flights from only Kolkata and Delhi to Paro (only airport in Bhutan). You can check the airlines website for the flight timings and charges. In case you are looking to travel by bus up to Thimphu, you can refer our itinerary here.

    1. Not sure about this since Tango and Cheri Monastery are slightly far off. Also, there was no checking of the permit like they do at Tiger’s Monastery. We will suggest you to enquire at Thimphu or Phuentsholing Permit office when you reach there.

  5. Hi, Could pls let me know if there are any other places to be visit in Bhutan. As per your blog, you have mention 3 Hike. If we just do any one hike, then which are other option to explore. Thanks

    1. Hi Jalpa,

      You may refer all the places we visited and our itinerary here – All cities in Bhutan have half day hiking options as you can hike to near-by monasteries. In case, you just want to do one hike, go for a hike to Tiger’s monastery in Paro.

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