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9 day itinerary for Bhutan Backpacking Trip

Our back-packing trip to Bhutan has been one of the most memorable trips that we have been to in recent past. Here are details of our 9 day itinerary for the trip including our road travel from Phuentsholing to Thimphu and return. In case, you are taking a flight to Paro, you will be able to save 2 days  and this will become a 7 day itinerary.

During our trip, we visited Thimphu, Punakha, Haa Valley & Paro and mostly traveled by public transport (Bus or shared cabs).

  • Train journey (5th May’16, Thursday): From Kolkata to Hasimara (Kanchankanya Express – Departure: 20:30 PM, Arrival: 10:23 AM)
  • Day 1 (6th May’16, Friday): Reached Phuentsholing by noon, Got our Entry Permit and left for Thimphu by shared cab at 4 PM. Reached Thimphu at 10 PM
  • Day 6 (11th May’16, Wednesday): Bus travel from Thimphu to Haa, Hiking & stay at Haa
  • Day 9 (14th May’16, Saturday): Bus travel from Paro to Phuentsholing, Train from Hasimara to Kolkata

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22 thoughts to “9 day itinerary for Bhutan Backpacking Trip”

  1. All of your Bhutan blogs are really helpful. I am planning to visit Bhutan in mid February and I found your blogs are some good source of information.
    By the way can you please tell me is it ok to visit Bhutan in February and also can I travel around Bhutan as per your itinerary if I’m travelling in February?

    1. Thanks so much, Riya. February would be cold months, that would be the only thing. So be prepared for the cold weather. You can certainly follow our itinerary in case you are like a backpacker. In case, you are travelling with family, would recommend to go slow and book your own vehicle.

    1. For us, it was ~INR 25K for two person including all our expenses (shopping too) – Excluding Flights and train expenses in India. Please note that we had back-packed for most of our journey using either buses or shared jeeps and except a day or two, had stayed in budget hotels only. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Yes Either Voter ID or Passport is mandatory. Aadhar Card alone is not acceptable though at times, they allow but there is no certainty.

  2. Amazing how you manage the trip and thank you for sharing 🙂 I´m looking forward to visit Bhutan for 7-9 days during august/september/october, depends how my trip works out.

    How did you manage the visa for entering this paradise? I feel like I´m searching for ages and can´t find a way to avoid an expensive travel agency 🙁

    1. Hi Anne – Thanks so much for your appreciation. Really means a lot. actually nationals from India, Bangladesh and Maldives are allowed only with a permit and thus it was an easy entry for us. For all other countries’s nationals, they can enter only through travel agencies and with a minimum daily budget spend. Sadly which gets really expensive.

  3. This is wonderful post! Really helpful! I am planning with my 5 friends to travel from Mumbai, India to Bhutan in September/October. Should we hire a cab from some agency for the entire trip or local taxis/cabs/buses are convenient enough? Are they comfortable enough to carry all luggages too? Plus can we find local transport easily? Which would be a cheaper option?

    1. Hi Alex – You can easily rely on public transport. It is quite convenient. In case of extra luggage, you may pay for extra seat. We will suggest to go with public transport and in case you do not find one (like in Haa Valley, public transport availability is not great) then you can book a cab on the spot. Considering that you are going in a group of 5, you may book a full cab as prices would be come same as of public transport. Your own cab gives you a lot of flexibility to stop, take small detours and enjoy spots mid-way.

  4. Hi,
    Planning to backpack in August, Solo male. Is it a good idea? Is it possible to get entry pass if entering from road?

    1. Hi Ammu, just check for weather forecast as monsoon will onset during August and it may be difficult to move around during rain. As far as solo travellers are considered – Though Bhutan government discourages solo travelling for safety reasons but if you request, they grant permit for most of the people.

  5. Hey hi,
    It is really helpful,
    I am actually interested in less crowded travelling places, culture, food and homestays. And I am planning to backpack in December last week,
    So, Is it a good idea to go in december? and please guide me for a homestays also.

  6. hey, your article was really helpfull. I am planning to vist in jan next year with a group of 12 friends and we are planning to hire a cab or something like that can you suggest some local vendors or any other modes of transport.

    1. Hi Pratiksha, we had backpacked using public transport, thus do not have any information around hiring a car. There are tour operators based in Jaigaon. A quick online search will give you details of the same. You may enquire with them,

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