A General class train ticket from Payyanur to Kuttipuram (To Guruvayur Temple)

Backpacking: Fun of travelling in Public Transport

Both of us are quite fond of public transport and for all our trips, we prefer to travel in public transport to the maximum extent possible. It is super fun travelling like locals, hopping on a rickety bus or a swarmed jeep or travelling in a packed general compartment of Indian railways.

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So to encourage fellow travellers, here are top reasons why you should consider to travel through public transport when you are out on a trip –

Sharing is real fun

Do we need to write anything about this !!

Public Transport, Tourist Fun, Hampi Tempo,
Preparing for our ride in Hampi

Meet locals and embrace their culture

On your way in public transport, you happen to engage in chitchatting with locals, eat local delicacies, listen their music in bus or taxi and but obvious, you end up making some really good friends, sometimes even invited for tea with their family.

Chatpal & Thimran in Kashmir, Offbeat places to visit in Kashmir, Kashmir Tourism
Enjoying time with Nazir’s family at Thimran: Kashmiri are known for their generous hospitality –

Public Transport lets you explore the unexplored

You never travel in a straight line in public transport but have many diversions and transit points which provides you ample avenues to stop and explore the small wonders on your way. Further, local guidance and recommendations come as a bonus from your co-travelers.

Yusmarg, Kashmir Valley, Kashmir Tourism, Offbeat tourist places in Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir Tourism, Nilnag Lake
By the side of Nilnag lake  in Kashmir: You end up reaching places not even part of your itinerary

An opportunity to enjoy a variety

We feel that travelling in the same car or SUV could be quite boring compared to a train, a bus, then an auto and even boats at times. In your own car, you get only what you want but when out in public transport, varierty and diversity of local culture comes to you at every stop and with change of every co-passenger.

Local boat transport in Kerala backwaters of Valiyaparamba & Payyanur: Unexplored Kerala Backwaters: Kerala Tourism
Taking boat for a ride in Kerala backwaters in Valiyaparamba

No need to Pre-Plan: Be a Wanderer

You can be a cool vagabond and super wanderer with the freedom of switching your plans on the spot. You can alter your paths altogether because you have nothing pre -booked and thus no cancellations or rebooking hassles.

A General class train ticket from Payyanur to Kuttipuram (To Guruvayur Temple)
A General class train ticket from Payyanur to Kuttipuram (To Guruvayur Temple)

Travelling in public transport gives your trip an altogether different flavour. Additionally, you also contribute to environment by not burning more fuel in cars and also remain healthy and active as you walk a good deal to either catch a bus or getting to your destination once you get down. And, of course, public transport is also the cheapest mode, so helps you save your bucks.

So, next time, explore a new way of exploring. Take public transport and reduce impact on environment while enjoying your trip more with locals.

Happy Exploration !!

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