How to get Thailand Tourist Visa in advance at Bangalore/Chennai in India -vfs Global Center - Thailand Visa on arrival

How to apply for Thailand Visa from Bangalore/ Chennai (India)

Important Update – Thailand Government has waived off Visa on Arrival fees till Apr’19 (Expected to extend till July 31st as per news reports). With Exemption, Fee of 2,000 baht, or nearly Rs 4,400, is waived for travellers from 21 countries, including India. To experience Thailand Visa on Arrival experience, I applied for Visa on Arrival twice during my Vietnam Trip in Dec’18 (I had transit time of 10 hours at Bangkok Airport both during onward and return flights). While it took me almost 2 hours to go through Visa on Arrival Process (due to heavy rush) but Visa on Arrival was completely free. No Fee charged. !! I have written a detailed account about my Thailand Visa on Arrival application process which you may read here – How to get Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indian Tourists (Also 21 Eligible Countries)

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Thailand Visa for Indians – 3 Ways to Get Thai Visa

There are 3 ways that you can apply and get your Thailand  Visa. As of now, only first 2 processes are available for getting Thailand Visa for Indians while Thai Government has announced launch of E-Visa in 2019. A quick summary of each process is below (Read more: Thailand Visa for Indians – Visa Types, Fees and How to Apply ) –

  1. Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians – This is a 15 day Visa issued to citizens from selected 21 countries once you land in Thailand. You can submit your documents, pay Visa fees and get your Thailand Visa at airport or any of 48 immigration points once you land there. (Read more – How to get Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indian Tourists )
  2. Apply for Thai Visa beforehand in India We have explained this process in our blog here. In case, you are looking for a longer duration Visa or do not want to stand in queue after landing in Thailand, you can apply for Thailand Visa from India beforehand. Usually fees for this kind of Thailand Visa is also lesser compared to getting your Thailand Visa on Arrival.
  3. Thailand E-Visa (To be launched) – Thailand Government has announced that they would launch Complete E-Visa in 2019 (rather than E-Visa on Arrival). Plan is to launch it for China, Britain and France citizens in 2019. Once launched, this will be your complete 60 days Visa (Visa on Arrival is valid only for 15 days) and you can directly head to immigration once in Thailand (skipping all Visa on Arrival processes). When launched, Thailand E-Visa applications will be made via but foreigners will also still be able to apply for a visa in person at a Thai embassy or consulate.

In this blog, we have explained process, requirements and fees for applying your Visa from Bangalore, India. For details of all processes, you may refer our blog here – Thailand Visa for Indians – Visa Types, Fees and How to Apply

How to get from Don Mueang Airport to Bangkok Hua Lamphong Station/Suvarnabhumi Airport/Pattaya - Bus/Train/Metro/Taxi fares - สนามบินดอนเมืองไปยังสถานีรถไฟหัวลำโพง / สถานีหมอชิต / สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ
Arrival at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Why did we apply for Thailand Visa in advance (At Bangalore)

Here are our reasons why we decided to get our Thailand Tourist Visa in advance at Bangalore  –

  1. We read about few experiences where people had to wait for hours in line to get their Visa on arrival. We wanted to start our trip without any worries or being in line, so thought of applying upfront for our Thailand Visa in Bangalore.
  2. Our flight was scheduled to land in Thailand at 4:30 AM in morning and we were not in mood of being in Visa line in morning hours.
  3. Thailand Visa office in Bangalore (VFS Global Visa Office) opens at 8 AM. So, we could easily apply and collect our Thailand Visa before our office hours.
  4. There is a fee difference of 1000 Thai Baht per person if you apply for Thailand Tourist Visa upfront in Bangalore (Compared to Visa on Arrival Fees once you land in Thailand). Thailand Visa fee at Bangalore VFS Global office is INR 2500 while fee for ‘Visa on Arrival’ is 2000 Baht (~INR 4400) . So, you save ~INR 2000 per person.

Where to apply for Thailand Visa in Bangalore

You can apply for your Thailand Visa in Bangalore at VFS Global Center. Both Indian residents and foreign nationals applying for Transit, Tourist and Non-Immigrant Thailand Visas can submit their applications at Thailand Visa Application Centre at VFS Globale Center, Bangalore.

Address: Thailand Visa Application Centre
Global Tech Park No: 11, 1st Floor, O Shaughnessy Rd
Langford Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Landmark: Hockey Stadium

Address for VFS Global Center (Thailand Visa Application) has changed to below location (Google Map Coordinates) –

Thailand Visa Application Center
Unit No. 405, 3rd Floor, Level – 4, Prestige Atrium, No.1, Central Street, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 (Opposite to Empire Hotel)

Submission Timings & Passport Retrieval Timings: 08:00 to 12:00 – 13:00 to 15:00 (Monday-Friday) – It takes 5 working days for Thailand Visa processing in Bangalore. You may either collect your Passport yourself or can get it couriers. Courier charges would be additional.

Helpline No:- 022-67866003, between 08:00 to 17:00, Monday-Friday except Holidays.


What Documents do you need to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa at Bangalore

You can click here to download the complete checklist of the documents required for applying for your Thailand Tourist Visa. Here are our comments – 

  1. Application Form: You can either fill the Thailand Visa Application form online here or can download a copy, fill in paper and carry with you. For more details, you may refer VFS Thailand website here.
  2. Colour Photographs: Please adhere to guidelines as specified in Photo Specifications section here. Please go for Matter paper print for your photographs. Even if you are opting for Visa on Arrival, please carry photographs to avoid any last minute hassles.
  3. Thailand Visa Fee: Visa fee of INR 2500 is accepted only either by Demand Draft or Cash. No other mode of payment is accepted.  For more details, please refer Visa fee section below.
  4. Hotel Tickets and Flight Tickets: You need one copy for every person whom you are applying Visa for.
  5. Bank Statement: This is must and should be attested by bank to show your means for travel. Bank statement with enough account balance for one person in a group is enough. He/she only needs to give a declaration of sponsoring others for the trip.
  6. Evidence of Occupation: You may skip these documents. These are not mandatory.

For booking your hotel/accommodation in Thailand, is the best option. You may book your hotel (address to be mentioned in your visa application) without any advance payment and in case of change of plans, you can easily cancel your booking. Click here to book your Thailand hotel or search below  –

Here is our application form picture for your reference. You may also refer a sample application here . Please note that for Local Guarantor, you may provide details of any person in India who knows you and is not travelling with you. For Guarantor, you can write ‘Self’ providing address of the hotel where you would be staying.

How to get Thailand Tourist Visa in advance at Bangalore/Chennai in India - Thailand Visa on arrival
Thailand Visa Application Form – Have intentionally omitted confidential details.

What is Thailand Tourist Visa Fee at VFS Global Bangalore

If you opt to apply for Thailand Tourist Visa in advance in India only, fee for Tourist Visa (single entry) is now 2500 Indian Rupees which is  almost half of the fee of INR 4400 (2000 Thai Bahts) what you pay for ‘Visa on Arrival ‘. So in case you are going in a large group, then it is advisable to save 50% Visa fee by applying for Visa in advance.

They charge INR 315 per person service charges. Visa processing takes 5 working days and you may choose to collect your passport yourself. Otherwise, you may also get it couriered at your address by paying INR 215 per person. Payment is accepted only in cash. There are additional INR 80 per person charges in case you opt for SMS. No other mode of payment (DD/Credit/Debit Cards) are accepted. You may find updated details about Thailand Visa fees in ‘VISA FEES AND LOGISTIC FEES’ section here

Our Experience of applying for Thailand Visa in Bangalore

We had reached the VFS Global Center Bangalore at 8 AM itself. Staff was prompt to guide us to the Thailand Visa Application Center at first floor. There is a token counter from where you can get your token and wait for your turn. There were very few people and we were the first for the day to apply for Thailand Visa. Official at the counter checked our documents and guided us to another counter for Visa fee payment. There is also a xerox center and ATM on the first floor itself.

Post paying Visa fee and charges, we again went to the Visa counter and official took all our documents and passport. He gave us an acknowledgement receipt and asked to collect our Passports and Thai Visa after 5 working days. Please note that only one person in the group is required to apply for Visa and collect passport after 5 working days. It is not mandatory for all people to be present at either of the instance.  We finished within an hour (including xerox of few documents and cash withdrawal from ATM). In morning, it was not crowded but during day time, it may take some more time depending on the number of people in line. Happily we came out and collected our passport after 5 days without any hassles.

How to get Thailand Tourist Visa in advance at Bangalore/Chennai in India -vfs Global Center
Happy selfie after applying for our Thailand Visa

Thailand Immigration Experience: Arrival & Departure

Update post our trip: Immigration for Thailand was a smooth experience. Immigration form was provided by AirAsia in flight itself and you can fill it up early to save time later. There were 3 queues – first for Thai Nationals, second for the citizens of ASEAN countries and third for remaining international travellers. Second and Third queues were finally going to same counters, so if you observe vacant counters in ASEAN queue, you may also get through this line. There were boards showing the estimated wait time basis your position in queue. It took us around 30 minutes to get our immigration completed.

Please note that they will give a part of immigration form post stamping your passport. Please keep this slip till you return as it will be asked at the immigration counter while your departure. While coming back, all immigration counters were free and it took us just couple of minutes to get our passports stamped and go ahead.

VFS Bangalore Holidays (Thailand Visa Application)

Below is the list of VFS Holidays (Thailand Visa Application) for 2019 Calendar Year –

VFS Bangalore Holidays for Thailand Visa Application Process


  1. No Facility to Keep Laptop and other Electronics – VFS does not allow Laptops and other heavy electronics (mobiles are allowed) and also there is no locker facility to deposit the same. Please do not carry Laptops or similar devices.
  2. Only Cash being accepted – Now the payment is accepted only in Cash and there are no cash handling fees anymore. So go prepared with Cash.
  3. Passport Copies – Along with documents mentioned, now 2 photo copies of passport along with signature on both sheets are required

Hope this information helps you plan your Thailand Trip better. Please feel free to comment in case you need any additional details. We will be happy to assist you. You may refer vfs Thailand website for more details.

Happy Exploration!!

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    1. Hi Krisha – Thanks for pointing it out but above address in your comment does not seem to be the correct. Please refer vfs official webpage here –

      It mentions the address that we had gone for our visa (Directions: VFS Global Center) –
      Thailand Visa Application Centre
      Global Tech Park No: 11, 1st Floor, O Shaughnessy Rd
      Langford Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
      Landmark: Hockey Stadium

      We had gone to the same address just one month ago and got our Thailand visa. So, this is tried and tested 🙂

  1. Hi Am arjith,
    last month am go to thailand using single entry tourist visa, in thai immigration willnot allow to entering in thai, because of insufficient fund, the immigration officer seal the passport and return back. i need the details , many days after can i apply new turist visa. 2 . is possible to
    visit again

    1. Hi Arjith

      We are not sure of the rules in this case. Will suggest to reach Thai embassy through email and phone. You can find contact details here.

  2. Hi,

    This was really explained and i have applied and got the visa.. Initially i was thinking of on-arrival visa, But after reading your blog i thought it better to apply for visa from here itself..

    Do we need to have anything else as i got visa already, I mean any specific amount of money etc etc. Me and my wife is travelling this month

    1. Great Raju. You will not require anything else for Immigration. Once you land in Thailand, head to Immigration line directly. Officer voer there will check your passport and visa and will stamp it with an immigration receipt. Do remember to keep this receipt as it has to be returned once you would be leaving Thailand. Have a nice trip, guys 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Is it mandatory to get the account statement attested from the bank? Wont the printout work from the net banking? Also how do i give a declaration for the account for dependent as I am travelling with my wife?

    1. Hi Sooraj, it was mandatory to get attested copy. Just a printout would not work. For dependent declaration, you can submit that on a plain paper just writing that you both are travelling together and one of you would be taking care of all expenses for both.

    2. Too late a reply for the question. But in general for the benefit for all future travelers. It is not needed to get the account statement to be attested by the bank. At least the Thai consulate document checklist does not specify the same. However, VFS may be requested for the same.
      To be on a safe side its better to also attach a photocopy of an international credit card

  4. Super helpful post. Thanks for this. It made the application so much easier.

    Thanks for taking the time to sharing this in such a detailed manner

  5. This is good information
    Few additional information which may be useful
    1. One person can apply for himself and other too. Say spouse
    2. Go early as possible, by 10 am travel agents would go with bunch of applications and they take a long time
    3. So not carry laptops, iPads, hard disks, you have to deposit them in the counter and it is charged 100 per hour
    4. Along with the application you have to also submit a check list, the check list is available in Thai visa website
    5. If you are paying for your spouse, you should also write a letter of undertaking saying you will cover expenses for your spouse, the letter should be addressed to the general consulate office, Thai Embassy, Chennai
    6. Even if your are covering expenses of your spouse, each application must have a bank statement
    7. Every application should be attached with a copy of passport, self attested.
    8. The VFS counter for Thailand is not in Shivaji Nagar any more, it is in Shanthi nagar,

  6. Hi, Thanks for the detailed information. It has been really useful as it helped us to get all the required documents in place for the submission. The process was very smooth and we could complete it in less than 45 min.

  7. Hi,
    Excellent information. We have been to Bangkok couple of times but this year we want to go for more than 20days and want to explore the north of the country.
    If we apply through VFS , would it be possible to stay more than 20days? I can see from the picture you have posted , the visa validity is for 3 months, so i guess it should be possible to stay more than 20days.

    1. Thanks Barry. Actually on arrival Visa has limited validity but if you apply in advance, you can stay for longer period.

  8. Fantastic post…will they accept foreign tourists too…? Non Indian nationals can apply? Do we have the same bank statement requirements?

    1. Thanks Niki. Yes, they do accept application from foreign tourists but we are not sure of the process and documents required. Will suggest to either check their website for details or have a quick visit to enquire.

  9. Thanks for the detailed post. I had a question, on seeing the Visa fee document, the picture that you have posted here, I can see there is no Multiple Entry Tourist VISA mentioned. But I thought there is one such visa. Do you have any information about the same?

    1. Yes Vishal, there is one multi-entry visa. We had applied for single entry and thus above mentioned form and process are from that perspective only. We know that you can apply for multi-entry visa too at vfs but are not sure of the process. Will request to check vfs site or call them once.

      1. Hi Amar, thanks for the info. I did apply for the same here in Bangalore. I would like to tell that now the payment is only accepted in cash. You might want to update that after confirming yourself as well.

        1. Thanks so much Vishal. We will certain update it as an Edit. Really helpful for all of us 🙂

  10. Hi, I am traveling with my 2 friends on next month. We have some doubts regarding money. I have bank statement attested by bank and will be applying for visa next week. So at the time of traveling should v have the amount of 30000rs in our hand? means cash or ATM??

    1. No Nivash. Once your Visa is approved, no minimum money availablity would be checked again at the time of travel. So plan without having any worries about currency in hand.

  11. Do we have to carry cash while departed in Thailand if we already got visa from India?? We thought of applying some travel card / credit card. coz carrying cash may be stolen.

    1. Hi Aswanth, you may carry cash as per your need but there is no check from immigration authorities. So once Visa is provided, then at the time of travel no additional checks happen for currency.

  12. Hi,
    Thaks for the detailed explanation. I am trying to fill the online application but not sure what to fill in “Type of travel document:” under passport details.
    Can you please guide me.

      1. Thanks for the reply. And I’ll be applying visa for my wifi aswell. From your post I can understand that only person is needed to visit the office to apply for the visa.
        So I need to fill my wife’s application form and mine online and take it to the vfs global. And should I take any letter from my wife since I am applying visa on behalf of her?
        And I’ll be traveling on June so can I apply visa now ?

        1. Exactly Rihtak. You can apply on behalf of both and no additional letter from your wife would be needed. Just ensure that bank account documents are for you as you would be giving declaration that you would bear cost for both applicants. Yes, very much – you can apply now easily.

          1. Thanks for clearing my doubts.
            It is possible to show my bank statements and my wife’s aswell ? Or since I am applying visa it should be mine ?

            1. If individually you have attested for both, that should be fine. That would be independent of you applying for visa for both of you. You both can individually support your travel or one of you can support for both with a written declaration.

  13. Hi we r travelling on 14.5.18 and our flight ll land at bangkok at night 1am. … so I want to know is visa on arrival has the same rush as in the mornings they have….

    1. Hey Pooja – Not Sure about different rush hours but be sure that at least most of the passengers from your flight would go for it 🙂

  14. Hi, thanks for help, I have submitted my visa application. Just for your information from may 15 visa fee will be 2500 rs.
    And guys can you provide me the visa tracking url please ? And the procedure to track it.

    1. Thanks Rihtak so much!!. As far as we know, there is no URL to track your application but usually visa is processed within 5 working days.

  15. Hi amardeep your blog this thai visa is really helpful, I did my visa filling today in same format.

    But got to know from Google search that success rate from thai embassy is less these days. Is it true, if you guys have any info regarding on it?

    I applied with my wife today,though I have travelled two times to thailand alone in last 10 years but on visa on arrival method.

    Do I need to worry.?

    1. No Aj, we dont think that you have to worry. Thai authorities usually do not create any hassle for issuing tourist visas. Considering that you have travelled in past too, it should be fine. All the best, buddy 🙂

  16. Super helpful post! Thanks a ton for the information. However, I have a couple of questions of my own, and it would be great of you could help me out with them.

    Quick info: Me and my colleague are planning to visit Thailand in July. I have been to Malaysia before, but for my colleague, this would be his first international trip. We both work in IT sector in Bangalore, and can show the closing balance of our bank balance (in the most recent month’s statement) to be around 50k each. However, for the months prior to it (since they require 6 months statement), the average balance was pretty low. Would that be a concern? Also, we have our flights and hotels booked – and we can even show our payslips for the past 6 months. Would that help by any means? We just want our visa to get through.

    1. Thanks Rupinder :), Current balance will matter and not past balance. So do not worry on that part. Just carry your pay slips. We too had carried the same but they actually were not required.

      1. Hey Krishna! Just wanted to thank you once again for the detailed information! WE GOT THE VISA!

      2. Hi, I have to furnish a sponsorship letter for my daughter. I am showing the bank statement of a joint account. Should the joint account holder too provide a letter of sponsorship or just mine will do ?

        1. Hi Apoorva, I am not sure of this part if both account holders for a joint account need to provide letter of sponsorship. In my view, if you are giving attested bank statement for the same account and your details are there on the statement, then you should be able to give a letter for your daughter.

    2. The bank balance on the day you submit needs to be 20000 baht or approx INR 44000 per person. Instead you can also provide a copy of internationally valid credit card (master, visa or amex) or else you can buy foreign exchange worth 20000 baht and submit the receipt

      1. Hi Hemanth,

        When you say copy of internationally valid credit card, please could you tell me what exactly that means?
        Like credit card statement showing the full limit of the credit card?


      2. Hi Hemanth,

        When you say “copy of internationally valid credit card”, can you explain what it means? Does it mean a copy of the credit card statement showing the full limit of the credit card (showing that CC limit is sufficient to fund expenses for trip)?
        Should this CC statement be attested as well?

  17. Blog is very helpful!!!

    If we are staying in multiple hotels, should we submit anyone or from all hotels?
    Do we have any format or sample we need to follow for submitting the – “declaration that I would bear cost for both applicants”

    1. Thanks NM 🙂 For Hotel, you can provide details of the first hotel you are staying and for declaration there is no standard format.

    2. You can put one Hotel as Thai guarantor. But it would advisable to add copy of the hotel confirmation of all the hotel so that it was match the duration of your travel dates

  18. Hi Amar and Anu,
    Thanks for such a great post, really it reduce our most of confusion to get Thai Visa.
    Still I have some queries regarding the same.. Hi Group members plz clarify these.

    1 – We are 5 members, Do we all need to maintain 44000 Rs each in bank account, or only one person need to maintain it?
    2 – What is Declaration of sponsorship form? Where I can get it?
    3 – Will my ICICI or any Indian bank debit card/Credit card works in Thai ATM? or do I need to take forex card or need to carry Cash?

    1. Thanks Rahul. Please find responses here – 1) This is for each person though overall amount can be maintained in one account 2) There is no standard form. In case amount is in one bank account or with one person, he can write on a plain paper that he/she is sponsoring for A,B,C members 3) Your Indian cards will work but you need to get it activated by calling your bank upfront and also charges would be high so recommended to get a forex card. Hope it helps !!

  19. Much Thanks AnuAmar. This article is probably the best and the only guide I could search for Thailand Visa Process.

    I applied for Thailand VISA this month. This was my first VISA experience and it went smooth and quite timely(~30 mins).

    Please find below updated points as of June 2018:-

    1. Along with documents mentioned, now 2 photo copies of Passport along with signature on both sheets are required
    2. Only CASH is accepted – No DD, Cards or Net Banking
    3. Revised Fees has been increased to below Breakdown

    VISA Fee Tourist – 2500/-
    VFS Logistic Fee – 315/-
    Courier Fee – 215/-
    SMS Fee – 80/-

    Total – 3110/-

    In case SMS and Courier not applied, total fee becomes 2815/-

    It is advisable to get change to exact amount and not expect the cashier to provide you same.


    1. Which address you went.. As website is showing different address and on blog different address is mentioned

      1. The address mentioned in blog is correct address:

        Address: Thailand Visa Application Centre
        Global Tech Park No: 11, 1st Floor, O Shaughnessy Rd
        Langford Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
        Landmark: Hockey Stadium

        1. Hi, Adithya.
          I had been to this address (near hockey stadium). but thailand visa is done in shivajinagar only.

          Located in: Prestige Atrium
          Address: Unit No. 305, 2nd Floor, Prestige Atrium, No.1, Central St, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

  20. Hi Amar ,
    how many required balance to show bank statement to get visa in thai embassy
    and one more thing how many cash required to travel thailand
    thanks in advance

    1. Hi Akshay – you require a balance of 10,000 baht per person/20,000 baht per family to apply for Thai Visa. And for travel in Thailand, it depends on the luxury you choose :). So can not comment much around it but if you are travelling budget, 6K-8K per day for a couple would work good.

  21. Informative post. My parents passport is issued in Ranchi. Can I apply for them at BANGALORE? I heard cant do from Bangalore. Any information on this please?

  22. Very informative post indeed.

    My query – How much early can we apply for visa at embassy/vfs ? 3 months ?

    1. Thanks Amitanshu. Not sure around this thing but I think you can apply well in advance. We had applied almost 3 months in advance.

  23. Hi,
    1. Minimum amount required to show in the bank account is 10,000 baht or 20,000 baht for single person, confused over this?
    2.Suppose required amount is 10,000 baht.The amount which we show in our account should be the day we submit or for past 6 months closing balance should be 10,000 baht.
    3.I am going with my friends. So, one of them will be booking the hotel for all. So, how we are going to show the document required as residence address in Thailand, as booking will be on his name for all.

    1. Hi Ayush, please find answers for your queries – 1) For single person, it is 10000 Baht only 2) It should be as on the day of application 3) Your friend can apply together for all and showing the same hotel address for the group. He only need to write an application that he is jointly applying for the people mentioned. If you apply in group, then a balance of 20,000 Bahts (limit for a family/group) with leader (your friend) is fine. You need not individually show amount in each one’s account.

  24. Hi
    We are 3 of us, husband wife and kid. Do all 3 of us need to go to VFS for submitting the application? or I can submit on behalf of my wife and son. Thanks very much for the info in advance

    1. Hi Precilla – You can apply on behalf of all group members. It is not mandatory for your wife and son to be present for application.

  25. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for the Visa soon. One quick question I have is on the two Guarantor sections in the application. One is Local and the other Thailand guarantor. What should I add in these sections when I apply?

    Thanks and appreciate the effort you took in putting together this blog.

  26. Hi,

    Is there a door pickup and delivery service for Thailand tourist Visa, going to Shivajinagar in Bangalore traffic is too much pain.

    1. Really sorry, not sure about this, Shalini. Certainly nothing from Visa office side. Please check online if there are some tour operators who can help with this.

  27. Hi,

    Thanks to the complete information given here i was able to get the visa.

    – Earliest one can apply is 90 days from return date

    – I had to submit bank accounts of both husband and wife (bank attested 6 months ), international credit card, ITR of last year ( 1st page only), Business registration proof (if you have). All as per checklist.

    – visa fees Rs 2500, vfs fees- Rs 315

    – i submitted my family’s application, no need for wife or kids to go. I signed on the kids form (at place of their signature, and on checklist, and on their passport photocopy ). Vfs people will assist you in filling up the gaps if any.

    – Kids application had – cover letter by both me and my wife stating that we will cover the expense + hotel booking email print + flight booking email print + me and my wife’s bank statement + credit card bill photocopy + passport photocopy

    – giving below the SAMPLE COVER LETTER that i submitted ( i gave both me and my wife’s bank statement; one can give only one bank statement which has enough money, approx rs50,000 per person, to cover others).

    Date : x Aug. 201x


    The Visa Officer,
    Royal Thai Embassy,

    Sub – Visa application for Single Entry Tourist Visa


    I wish to apply for Single Entry Tourist Visa to visit Thailand with my wife and son and daughter for tourism purpose from xth Aug 201x to xth Aug 201x.

    Our particulars are –
    Your name. Xxxxxxxx Self
    Wife name . Xxxxxxxx Wife
    Son name. Xxxxxxxxx Son
    Daughter name xxxxxxxx Daughter

    Plan of Travel –
    Xth Aug 201x – Arrival in Bangkok via flight AirplaneCompany FlightNumber,
    Check-in Hotel HotelName,
    Xth Aug 201x – Local sightseeing at Bangkok Temples
    Xth Aug 201x – Local visit at MBK mall and nearby
    Xth Aug 201 x – Day tour Ayutthaya
    Xth Aug 2018 – Departure from Bangkok via flight AirplaneCompany FlightNumber

    Place of Stay – ( from xth to xth Aug 201x ) –
    HotelName GiveFullAddress

    Me and my wife will financially support us for the tour.

    Thanking you,


    Your Name
    Your Address

      1. Hi Anuamar,

        Thanks for detailed information to get the Thai visa, i went through all the above points still have some doubts…

        I am traveling(First time to abroad) to Bangkok with my wife . i have few doubts before for applying Visa

        1. Do i need submit to separate application forms for both of us(me and My wife)
        2. For the bank statement: Do i need to maintain the funds 20,000 Baht through out last six months or last month only(at the time of submitting application).
        3. If required i am planning to submit me and My wife’s last 3 months payslips (will that be sufficient)
        4. I am traveling with one of the popular travel agents, he is asking to submit my employee ID cards and NOC from Employees letter (Is this really required) to travel saying it is mandatory.

        Thanks in advance…

        1. Hi Anil, Please find response to your queries below –
          1. Yes, You need to submit separate applications for both of you as Visa is issued on individual basis.
          2. No, you just need to show the funds on the day of application. Authorities only check that you have enough money to sustain yourself in Thailand and they do not create any hassle if you have sufficient funds.
          3. Yes, that would be sufficient. For us, they even had not checked payslips. Had only checked bank account balance. Still carry payslips.
          4. This is not required if you directly apply for Visa.

          Hope this helps you plan your trip better.

      2. Glad to share back

        Few points –

        – Why so many documents for finance? Because they want to be assured that on pretext of tourism you won’t stay and start working in Thailand ( yes alas! many do this ). So more documents pertaining to your Income that you can show the better, eg, credit cards, ITR + salary slips. If you submit a dormant or low deposit bank account that suddenly has Rs 50,000 per person then that creates a query that you have borrowed it for few days for visa application only. So submitting ITR, salary slips, business registration number etc prooves that you have been earning and have a link back home that will make you come back to your home country, and thus lesser queries for visa.

        – Got visa in 7 Days ( they count only working days ) ( Don’t apply only 7 days before your flight – what if there are holidays / calamities/ strikes etc ).

        – Cover letter is given by whoever is sponsoring the trip ( Only you covering your wife, children / Both you and your wife covering children / One friend covering other friends/ and so on … ). Provide bank statement as per whoever is sponsor.

        – Each travelling member will submit – visa application, checklist ( Read the checklist and submit all docs) , cover letter (by whoever is sponsoring the trip), bank attested bank statement 6 mth ( of sponsor ; approx Rs 50,000 per person on day of submission), Flight booking email print, Hotel booking email print, Passport photocopy self attested , Additional – (if you wish) -ITR ( last year, first page only ), credit card, etc..

  28. Hi,

    I have read through almost all the post and have couple of doubts:

    1. Is bank statement enough or should I even submit my credit card copy?
    2. Should I submit my ITR? I saw a post where one submitted ITR so the doubt.

    1. Hi Mohan, these documents (Credit Card Statement, ITR) are not required. Bank Statement and Salary Slips are the only documents that are required.In case you have handy, you may carry additional docs just in case it helps at the time of application

      1. Thank you very much. I will be starting from Bangalore, so is there any recommend place for money conversion? (In case you also started from BLR)

        1. We had used Bookmyforex as we found good reviews online and they deliver currency at doorstep with some additional INR 50. You may evaluate them. Just one caution, in case you are buying Forex card from Bookmyforex, then you have to go back to them only for converting your left over balance in Forex and then their conversion charges are very dismal. So just do some research for forex card in case you are looking to take one.

  29. we are 4 person travelling to Bangkok from Chennai. i am from Bangalore got cheap tickets from Chennai hence booked travelling dates are from dec 3rd . my question is my three friends are doing business they do not have documents for occupation proof to provide for visa. what documents can be given instead. also as i will be travelling in December can i get visa done in October or should i wait till November.

    1. Hi Parmesh, Occupation documents are not mandatory and can be skipped. So do not worry about that. We will suggest to get your visa in October itself. Why wait till last moment. You would be at peace 🙂

  30. Hi AnuAmar,

    Thanks to the details and clear explanations provided in your blog, I applied for the visa myself instead of going through an agent. The process was very simple. I applied on the 11th September and got my visa within 3 days. Thank you 🙂

  31. Hi AnuAmar,
    Off topic, but I am travelling Thailand with kids, should I prefer Taxi or Metro ?
    In Taxi , Uber or local Taxi ?


    1. With Kids, we will suggest Taxi as with metro, you will have interchanges (which require good amount of walk). Between Uber/Grab and Local Taxi, you may go for Uber/Grab as it is again convenient and also cheaper. Local taxis are good provided they go by meter otherwise you will never know if you are being fleeced out. Grab is quite famous in Thailand and also cheaper than Uber. Just a quick online search would also give you few discount coupons (making your first 3 rides free and discount on next 3 rides) if you are a new user to Uber and Grab .

      1. Much Thanks AnuAmar,
        Online food like we have Zomato is also popular, I was thinking may be in night we may not get good food at hotel so can order online to our hotel room.

  32. We are traveling Thailand on end of October for 6 days.
    Myself, wife and kid.

    1. All Flight Tickets are booked (Initially we are going to Krabi via Kuala Lumpur from Chennai), then we are traveling Phuket and Bangkok and returning from Bangkok to Chennai.
    2. Tour Package is booked through Online Website (They have provided all three hotels voucher)
    3. I took all persons three recent photographs with white background.
    4. I took one copy of Bank Statement with attested by Bank of last 6 months (maintaining approx 51k).
    5. Took all three passports, photocopies
    6. I will write a cover letter as suggested above sample letter, that i am going to cover expenses of wife and daughter.
    7. Filled Online Form for myself and wife (added my daughter as minor in my form)

    Me and wife going to Thailand embassy this week, am I missing anything to get Visa?

    Chennai is 450 kms away from our place, so we need to be prepared and carry all things before we go there.

    1. Hi Suresh, we will try our best to analyze above list and help you with our inputs, still will request to check vfs website for any recent changes. some of our observations –
      1. You have not mentioned flight tickets. Please carry print out of flight tickets
      2. Please carry print out of filled application form.
      3. Since three of you are travelling. So try to have higher balance in your bank account.
      4. Just for precaution, carry your salary clips for recent months (in case you are in a job)

      Hope this helps.

      1. Yes, i forgot to mention i took flight tickets

        1. Whether i need to fill separate form for my daughter or just adding as minor in my form is enough?
        2. I own a company, so i don’t have any salary slips
        3. Just one bank statement for all 3 persons is enough or i need to take my bank statement with two original copies one for me and another for wife?

        I understand, i need to pay visa charges for all 3 persons.

        1. Hi Suresh, Please find our responses below –
          1. Not sure about this part for Minor. Just fill up a separate form as a caution and carry print out. In case they ask, you may submit.
          2. Visa officials are only concerned if you would be able to sustain yourself in their country 🙂 So just carry proof for anything that may establish the same e.g. Your IT Returns, other Bank account details with ample balance etc.
          3. One bank statement will suffice provided it has ample balance to cover all people.

    1. For Sim card, you will get it right inside airport near Exit. There are 2 to 3 main Telcos (DTAC, AIS, True Move) in Thailand and you can buy anyone’s SIM. All of them have more or less same coverage now, so buy one which gives you best deal.

  33. Where to buy tickets for Cho Pharaya river cruise dinner and other excusion like Dream World, Aquarium, Kidzania, Safari World.

    I mean some kind of portal like Klook? I see rates differs, so which is best portal to buy tickets ?

    1. Hi Shalini – Our sincere apologies, we do not have much information for ticket booking with respect to mentioned places.

    2. Ithaka ( Indian ), Klook (chinese), Trazy ( korean ), KKDays ( Taiwan+Japanese ) , TripAdvisor ( American ) are some of the sites that you may consult. Charges/activities/experience vary a bit.

      Ithaka being Indian takes in Rupees. Rest of sites will take in Dollars, so ultimate charges may increase by around 2-8% from what is shown ( dollar conversion, credit card charges , etc. )

      1. ithaka is really good,
        can anyone suggest if Cho Pharaya dinner cruise with buffet is really good, i mean they are charging 2K and even for kids as well, is there anywhere I can get discounted combined deal (2 Adults +2 kids).

  34. Hi Anu and Amar,

    I have a few questions on the appropriate funds required for visa approval.

    We are a group of four friends who will be travelling on 9th Nov.

    In some websites, we are reading that 10,000 baht (approx 23k INR) is required per person or 20,000 baht (approx 45k INR) per group is required.

    But in some websites, we are reading that per person, approx 42,000 INR is required to present as current bank balance on the day of visa application.

    1. Can you confirm what is the amount each one of us have to maintain in our accounts while applying for visa?
    2. If a single friend in our group is showing the bank statement and providing a statement of declaration that she will be sponsoring the expenses for the rest of us, how much is the minimum recommended amount (including for all 4 of us) to have in her account while applying for visa?
    3. If in case either of us do not have sufficient funds reflecting in our bank balance, can we instead show a credit card statement which shows complete limit of credit card (to show that sufficient limit is present in CC to fund expenses for travel)?

    Other info which might help you in answering above questions:
    1. We have booked all our international and domestic flights to and from Bangalore and to all other places we are visiting.
    2. We have also booked all of our stays for the entire duration of 9 days for which we have planned.
    3. We will only be incurring the expenses for food, travel and sight seeing costs and other activities cost.
    Based on these things, we want to know how much bank balance is required to be shown in VFS office while applying for visa.

    Thank you so much in advance for you help.


    1. Hi Pradeepa, please find our responses below –
      1) Purpose of minimum balance for Visa authorities is that traveller should have enough to sustain in their country (Thailand) during the trip. So, we will suggest to maintain a bit higher than the minimum requirements. It would be helpful if you maintain a bit higher than the minimum requirement of 10,000 baht (approx 23k INR) for an individual or 20,000 baht (approx 45k INR) for the group.
      2) 20,000 baht (approx 45k INR) for the group (if this is the latest)

      Latest Document list on Vfs website mentions $600 for an individual and $800 for a family. So there seems to be some changes. We will suggest you to give a quick call to vfs helpline for guidance (022-67866003, That would be precise input. Also, please drop a comment once you figure out to help our fellow travellers 🙂

      3) Ideally No. There is no such provision. It can be additional factor to bank statement but not the core factor to get your visa.

      VFS does not account how you would be spending money in Thailand. They have standard process to evaluate one’s capability to sustain in Thailand. So once you have minimum required balance, that serves the purpose.

      Hope this helps you to plan your trip better.

      1. Thanks for this info!

        I called the VFS helpline and they gave me the below information, for people applying for visa beforehand. I did not ask them about on-arrival visa formalities.
        > An individual applying for tourist visa should maintain $600 (approx INR 45,000) in their account.
        > A family travelling on tourist visa should maintain $800 (approx INR 60,000).
        > The $800 does not apply to friends travelling as a group and applies only to family/blood relatives.
        > One friend in a group cannot provide a self-declaration cover letter stating that he/she will be sponsoring the trip for the other friends in the group.
        > If one person in the group does not have sufficient funds in his/her account, then they can obtain the attested last 6 months bank statement of any of their blood relative, that is bank statement of mother/father/husband/wife along with a cover letter from said blood relative that they will fund the entire trip for the said individual.

        Additionally, I have another question 🙂

        For the attestation from bank, how many days prior should the bank statement reflect. For example, if I’m going to apply for visa on October 11th, my bank statement should show my transactions and balances till which date? Does it have to be the previous day Oct 10th or it can be few days prior also, like 7th, 8th, 9th? What did you guys follow?

        Again, thanks so much for responding so quickly and in detail.


        1. Thanks so much, Praddepa for sharing back this information. Would be quite helpful for all of us 🙂

          For Bank statement, simple rule is that it should not be dated. So you can easily get anytime within a week prior to applying for Visa. Have an awesome trip and feel free to contact us in case you need any more inputs.

          1. Hi Anu/Amar,

            Thanks for the very quick reply. When you say it should not be dated, you mean that it should have the bank seal and signature of branch manager but not the date on which he signed the statement?

            Please bear with me while I bombard you with so many questions 🙂

            Thanks again!


            1. Sorry our miss 🙂 By dated, we mean that it should not be old. So getting it within a week prior to application should be fine.

  35. Hi,

    Thank you for the details on preparing for Visa application.
    I have prepared the following for our Visa application.
    1. Visa Application Form & Checklist – one for my husband and one for my application. Our kid is added as Minor in both our forms.
    2. Passport Copies – have copies for all 3 of us
    3. Photographs – added 2 copies each for three of us
    4. Flight tickets – added 1 copy for my husband and my application
    5. Accommodation details – added 1 copy for both our application
    6. Payslip – added latest payslip copy for both my husband and mine. (though it’s optional)
    7. Bank Statement – my husband got his last 6 months bank statement attested, with funds of $800.

    Do I need to add a copy of that attested bank statement in my application ?
    He is providing the sponsorship letter for the family trip. So, do I need to ONLY add that sponsor letter with my application ?
    Please suggest.

    1. Hi Dolly, you need not to provide a separate Bank Statement. Application for all 3 of you would be processed jointly as a family with Single Bank Statement (which you have for your husband) and Sponsorship Letter (Again you have this ready). So things seem to be in place for you 🙂

  36. Hi,

    I’m planning to travel solo. What are the chances of my visa application being approved if all documents are in order?

    1. All chances 🙂 Hi Dilip – In our view, your application should be easily approved. We have not yet heard from anyone that Solo travellers have faced any issue getting Thai Visa. So you should not worry about that part. Have a nice trip !!

      1. Thank you. Actually 4 of us friends have planned to go to Thailand. One person is in Hyderabad, One in Bangalore and the other two are in Chennai. We all plan to meet and leave from Chennai and return from Bangkok to our places. So we’re not sure how to go about the visa process. Initially we thought of applying individually from our respective cities but now we observed that the checklist says hotel reservation has to be in name of applicant so we’re a bit confused as our hotel booking is on single name for all 4 people. So we’re not sure whether we have to apply individually or in a group from same city or go for visa on arrival which costs nearly double that of regular visa 🙂

        1. Hi Dilip

          All people need not present at the time of applying Visa. So one person can apply on behalf of all and can also provide declaration for all. Will suggest to call VFS Helpline in morning once to confirm (022-67866003).

    1. Not sure Akshay. Public Holiday List does not even show today as Holiday. By the way, tomorrow is not Karnataka Day. It is on 1st November. Will suggest to call VFS Helpline in morning once to confirm (022-67866003)

  37. Hi,

    I was going through the documents required for the visa process
    (1) 9.International health certificate on Yellow fever Vaccination for applicants travelling from 45 countries. Is it applicable for those who apply from bangalore?

    Mahesh H M

  38. Hi,

    I have heard that Visa fee to Thailand has been waived off from December to January. Is it only for visa on arrival?

    Still can I apply visa in India? (They charge visa fee?)

    Because I have a connecting flight from Bangkok to phuket.

    1. Hi Karthick

      Yes, it is in news that visa on arrival fee is waived off. We are not sure about fee while applying in India. In our view, you may be charged a fee if you apply in India since you can travel on this visa up to three months whereas waiver is only till Dec End. Will request to call vfs help center. They will provide you precise information.

      1. Hi,

        I called them but there is no confirmation from Thai embassy that fee has been waived off it seems. I don’t know when they ll get confirmation and also am not clear whether they ll charge fee if I take Visa in India. Kindly confirm me this.

  39. Hello Anuamar I have 2 questions:

    1. AS per your blog Family person should have 50k INR in his account , but as per people’s comment its 60k INR. Please confirm the correct value.
    2. Do I need to carry cash or showing the same in bankstatment is enough. ? Or do I need to conver the same to Thai Bhat and take the same.

    1. Hi Gourisankar – Please find our responses below
      1. Amount requirements keep changing time to time and we will suggest to check vfs website or give them a quick call for current requirements.
      2. You do not have to carry cash. This is the amount you have to show in your bank and carry a bank attested statement. For applying in India, it has to be in INR only. Aim of this is that you have ample money to support your travel to Thailand.

  40. hi.. just wanted to reconfirm that if i am travelling solo and apllying for visa in india itself then the closing balance in my last 6 months bank statememt should be inr 50000 per month or is it that the 50000 inr should be the amount in my last month statement. I am planning to apply in april 2019 so should i start maintaing 50000 per month from now onwards..

    1. No Richard 🙂 It is only for last month. It is only to prove that you have enough money to sustain yourself in Thailand and thus they want that you should have enough balance for your trip. That’s all.

  41. hey wanted to know that the minimum balance i need to show for visa is Rs.50,000 per month closing balance for last 6 months or is it just for the last month before travel that my balance in my account should be greater or equal to 50000

    1. Hey thanks for the reply. but why is it dat on the vfs website this is mentioned. Original Bank Passbook or Bank statement (SIX months) (must be attested by the bank) having a minimum balance equivalent to $700 . so i am a lil confused.

      1. Hi Richard, vfs changed rules recently. So not sure about this update. Will request a quick call at their helpline to ascertain this piece.

  42. “Means of living as required by immigration law: 10,000 baht per person/20,000 baht per family”

    This has to be in Baht only? Can I show 600USD for this (me and my wife)? I don’t want to carry cash in baht, instead carry in USD and exchange when required. although I will be taking 5000 baht as backup if visa charges are not waived off.

    Can we show a non VISA(master card) debit card account statement for this?

    1. Hi Mahesh, we are not sure for Visa on Arrival precise requirements as we had taken visa in India itself. Would request to check immigration website.

  43. Guys I am back from Bangkok,
    For VISA, I took fast lane i.e. 200 Bhat per person , took 10 minutes, else free line was very long and I have kids.
    For food, use foodpanda cash on delivery , so no problem of Indian food.
    For taxi, initially i used Taxi but lot of haggling with drivers, later I started using Grab app and realized that its much better and cheaper, so use that.
    Taken a SIM card from Klook which is very useful, imagine you are at Safari world, etc you can book Grab taxi.
    All attraction booked from Klook, they are much much cheaper.

    Anything else ping me.

    1. This is amazing Shalini. I was also in Bangkok for a day during my transit to Hanoi (Vietnam) and you know I was in normal line for 2 hours :P. Wanted to experience normal Visa on Arrival process so that I could write a blog on the same :). Did not know that you guys were also there else would have met over coffee. Anyway, Thanks so much for sharing this amazing information.

  44. An important note: If you are married and travelling as a couple and spouse name is not in the passport, please do carry photocopies of your Marriage Certificate.
    –For prints don’t do it in the ground floor of the VFS Global Office building. Its Rs 150 for first 5 prints. Just walk out and there is a print shop across the road, opposite to 2 wheeler parking.
    –Photocopy however you can do it at the VFS Global Office @ Rs. 2 per copy
    –Make sure the photo you are carrying has white background and your face 60% of the photo. You can get your photo at VFS Office @ Rs 118 for 4 copies.

  45. Visa on Arrival fee exemption was implemented between November 15, 2018 and January 13, 2019 so far. However, now the Cabinet announced that Thailand Visa on Arrival fee exemption will be extended until April 30, 2019. If you are planning to celebrate Chinese New Year or Songkran Festival in Thailand, now you can make it significantly cheaper!

    An extension of Visa on Arrival fee exemption was published by the Cabinet on 8th of January, 2019. Visa on Arrival fee waiver extension from 14 January 2019 to 30 April 2019 IS FINALLY CONFIRMED.

  46. Hi,
    I got my visa a few days back.

    New rules

    1) have to maintain a balance of 40,000 rs for the last 3 months, failing which you have to provide salary slips for 3 months, employee id, NOC from your employer.

    2) for those who aren’t working then get a sponsorship letter from your family member, with their bank statement showing a balance of 60,000 rs for the current month & min 40,000 rs for the previous 2 months.

    If you are applying for someone else then make sure of carrying the checklist duly signed by the applicant. Checklist is available on the VFS website.

    VFS global for Thai visa is in Shivaji Nagar not shantinagar.
    Located: Prestige atrium 405, 3rd floor Central Street Bangalore

    P.S: please can you tell me what to enter as the Visa No in T.M.6 form. Is it the number on the visa starting with letter D

    1. Thanks Apoorva, this is really helpful. For us, we had entered the long number mentioned at the bottom in our TM 6 Form

  47. Hi I could get lot of information from your blog. Allmost all my doubts are cleared. I am planning a family trip to Thailand in 3rd week of May. If I apply for visa at VFS can I get it with in 10 days.?.
    One more request. Can you suggest me about local taxi service providers in Thailand?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Nagaraj, Thanks for your comments. Yes You can get your Visa in 10 days. However, Thai Government is planning to extend Visa on Arrival Fee Exemption till July. Few newspaper articles have reported this but there is no official announcement for the same. You may like to check the same before applying at VFS Bangalore.

      For Local Conveyance, we had used Uber and Grab. They are readily available there and even local taxis (if running by meter) are not expensive. WE do not have information of any operator with whom you can book a dedicated taxi at your disposal.

      Thanks. Let us know if we can help with any additional inputs.

  48. Thank you so much for the quick response. Can you please tell me What is the whether condition in 1st week of June.? Will be raining . ? CAN we enjoy our trip?

    1. Hi Nagaraj, not very sure of June weather. Seems it will be hot in Bangkok and rainy in Phuket and Krabi. while weather will noot be as pleasant as in Dec but you will also see less of tourist. Here is a quora link that captures Thailand weather in June.

Happy to hear from you