Amar Deep Singh

My Poems

my musings, my poems, few words and much of silence. Walks on a path that goes to sky, that goes to stars. Looks like a direction to lost soul.

  1. नकाबों की दुनिया
  2. सिगरेट के धुएँ-सा
  3. कुछ शेष नहीं
  4. ज़िंदगी का देवता 
  5. प्रश्‍न
  6. पुरानी चिट्ठियाँ
  7. कोई गिला नहीं तुझसे
  8. कठपुतली
  9. ख्वाबों की चादर
  10. फितरत
  11. चांद पर एक और कविता
  12. Be Free
  13. You will always be my tree
  14. House of Lies
  15. Clouds inside your Room

Travel Musings

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Non-Travel Musings

Few random ones that do not fit in travel bucket. 

  1. For Ghorakhal: With Love & Respect
  2. Banker to the Poor: Book Summary & Review
  3. Farmers’ Awards (Kisan Puraskar) in India
  4. How to setup Google AdSense ‘QuickStart ads’ for WordPress
  5. ‘Cleanmycoach’ Initiative: Awesome Indian Railways

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