Anu & Amar

as you sit on those rocks.
at peace with your wandering thoughts,
let mist and rain wrap you,
and wind whisper songs.

We travel in our own way exploring and experiencing untouched and less explored places. From our regular work life, we just need few days off as a pretext to go out exploring. We love travelling in public transport, enjoying local flavors and delicacies, chit-chating with locals and smell the authenticity of the places by being a part of them.

We both have together or individually have been to 30+ countries and it gives us happiness to share our experiences with fellow travellers and help them plan their trips better. 

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Loved our hike. Loved Tiger’s Nest and missing Bhutan moments

Do write us in case you require any assistance. Best way to reach out us is to drop a comment on any of our posts and we will respond with a day or two. You can also send us a message on our facebook page. In case, you need any urgent inputs, please drop us a whatsapp message at 9900085018. Will be glad to help. 

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Happy Exploration !!

7 thoughts to “Anu & Amar”

  1. Hi Anu & Amar, Have read your blog on thailand. We are visiting thailand in March 2018. I would like to get some tips from you if you can help.
    1. We are group of 5 male adults, should we book package deal from online website like mmt, yatra etc. or can we book on our own and plan ?
    2. If you can suggest city to visit in thailand ? We are planning for 3 night pattya & 1 night bangok

    Thanks in advance.

    Jay Harkhani

    1. Hi Jay – Thanks for writing. Our suggestion is that
      1. Avoid booking any package deal. Rather explore it on your own. Thailand is very tourist friendly, safe and its easy to navigate around. You will spend less and also have flexibility to change your plans on the go.
      2. Bangkok – 1 night is fine. Pattaya – 3 nights may be too much. 1 or 2 nights in Pattaya should be enough. You can use a spare day to visit some other beach city in the south or Erawan National Park (Kanchanaburi) for a quick hike.

  2. Happy to connect with yet another passionate travel bloggers. You are doing great with your very detailed travel posts. Will be checking out your blog for more information on trips to Thailand and would recommend your blog for Bhutan related queries.

  3. Hi, do you have a mail id I can write to? I’m not on social media or private messaging… Thank you for your response!

Happy to hear from you