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Udupi, Udupi Backwaters, Maravanthe Beach, Places to visit in Udupi, Udupi Temples, Udupi Krishna Temple

Udupi: Beautiful, Simple and Unexplored

Relatively unexplored, simple and beautiful Udupi embraces you with its charm in a flash. You will be amazed interacting with local people and impressed with their simplicity and honesty. Your eyes will find it difficult to fathom the beauty that nature has bestowed on this place and then is the divinity that you feel deep at heart after visiting the temples. Find here what all does this city have to offer for you –

1. Udupi Temples: Divine and Peaceful

There are many temples in and around Udupi but more revered one is Sri Krishna Matha (Udupi Krishna Temple) right at the center of city which is visited by number of devotees from all over the country every year.

Udupi Krishna Temple, Sri Krishna Matha, Udupi Temple, Places to visit in Udupi
Entry to Sri Krishna temple in Matha

2. Udupi beaches: Pristine and Clean

Yes! Udupi’s beaches are very clean and much less crowded compared to other touristic beaches in India. We visited Kapu and Maravanthe beaches and were really impressed.

While Kapu Beach is a fairy tale kind of beach with a watch tower overlooking the long sea line, Maravanthe Beach has a unique river sea combination where river Suparnika flows parallel to sea separated by a tiny land stretch.

Kapu Beach in Udupi, Kaup Beach, Karnataka Tourism, Places to visit in Udupi & Karnataka
Kapu Beach – A fairytale Experience

3. Udupi Islands: Wrapped within sea, river and backwaters

Udupi is full of natural beauty and has all elements of the nature. You will be impressed with the number of islands that you could visit or see while roaming around in Udupi. St. Mary’s Islands made of volcanic basalt rocks is certainly not to be missed while you can take boat rides to the few more islands full of coconut trees embraced within either sea, river or back waters.

Udupi, Udupi Backwaters, Maravanthe Beach, Places to visit in Udupi, Udupi Temples, Udupi Krishna Temple
Taking a boat to reach a river island

4. Udupi Culture: Rich and Warm

Udupi has a rich culture and heritage. This is one part that we missed during our trip and will certainly visit Udupi again to experience its culture. There are religious folk dances that are organized in winter (November to March) and are integral part of the life of Tulu people.

As per our discussion with local residents, Yakshagana (folk dance drama) and Nagamandala (serpent worship dance) are certainly not to be missed. You can find banners with their date and venue around bus stand. They are usually in Kannada language, so please take translation help from local residents. Also, Kambala (Buffalo race) is traditional sport held in villages and is a must if you are around and one is being organized at that time.

Kambala - Famous Village sport in Udupi, Udupi, Places to visit in Udupi, Udupi Temples, Udupi Krishna Temple
Kambala – Famous Village sport in Udupi

We returned from Udupi loving the place more and also promising to our self that we will return to experience what we missed in this trip.

How to reach Udupi

Udupi is well connected by bus and train with major cities of South India. Mangalore is the nearest airport. We took a bus from Bangalore at 10:30 PM and reached at 7 in morning. For our return journey, we took a train at 6:10 PM and reached Bangalore at 8:30 AM. Bus stand is right in the center of city whereas train station is located remotely outside the city.

Things to take care for your Udupi Trip

  • It was quite hot during the day. Do carry caps/hat with yourself.
  • Beaches are steep. Please exercise extra caution if you are planning to bathe.
  • Carry water and eatables for your visit to islands as you may not get the same there.

Travel Date: 23 – 24 January 2015

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