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Setting up the logo and hyperlink in a Wordpress Post, adding image to Wordpress Widget

TripAdvisor Widget for Bloggers (WordPress)

So, contrary to the title of this post, actually there is no TripAdvisor widget for bloggers or individual travelers. We wanted to provide our blog visitors a link through which they could visit our TripAdvisor profile and read through our reviews. We tried to find a widget which we could use on our blog and connect with our TripAdvisor profile, but did not find any (Please do let us know in case you know one that we can use).

Same was also confirmed when we visited FAQ section of TripAdvisor’s Widget Center. As listed in this section, TripAdvisor widgets are available for accommodations, attractions, restaurants and destinations that are listed on TripAdvisor and does not offer widgets for individual travelers.

Tripadvisor widget not for bloggers/individual travellers
Tripadvisor widget not for bloggers/individual travellers

So, what is the solution?

We are here providing the solution that we used for our WordPress blog. Please do write to us in case you know a better one. We used TripAdvisor logo in our sidebar widget and linked it with our profile on TripAdvisor. So now any of our blog visitors can visit our profile, reviews and ratings on Tripadvisor following this link.

TripAdvisor Widget for bloggers
TripAdvisor Widget for bloggers

How to create Tripadvisor widget/How to add an image in WordPress Widget

As we looked to add the logo and hyperlink the same in our sidebar widget, we faced another challenge of adding an image in WordPress widget (We are not good at HTML, so obvious challenge for us). Widget only allows you to add text and not images. After searching through help forums, we found the solution of adding an image in a customized manner (size, alignment etc) and also hyperlinking it to an external link.

We created a new post and inserted TripAdvisor logo. Post that, we centrally aligned it as per our requirement and hyperlinked to our profile page on TripAdvisor. We did all this easily in ‘Visual’ section. Once done, we copied the corresponding coding from ‘Text’ section and pasted the same by adding a Text box in Sidebar Widget. To our surprise, it worked and it worked with same alignment and hyperlink like in a post.

Setting up the logo and hyperlink in a WordPress Post, adding image to WordPress Widget
Setting up the logo and hyperlink in a WordPress Post


Corresponding Coding in the Text Section, Adding image in WordPress Widget
Corresponding HTML coding in the Text Section

You just need to copy above code and paste it by adding a Text box in the widget and you will get an image customized and hyperlinked in the same fashion as in your post. Once saved, you would be able to see the TripAdvisor image in your widget. You may delete the post once you have copied the code from it.

You can also use the same method to add any image in your widget area of WordPress. However, we still are looking for a full fledged widget that can import our badges, reviews,  ratings and helpful votes to our blog page. Do let us know if you come across a widget that can help us to get the above pieces in place.


In updated version, WordPress has included new functionality to insert image in the side bar and also hyperlink it. This makes it easy for you to do all above within few minutes.

Happy to hear from you

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