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Pang Ung (ปางอุ๋ง) - "Pang Oong" or "Ban Ruam Thai", is the best offbeat Mae Hong Son (แม่ฮ่องสอน) attraction. A Shan Minority Village near Ban Rak Thai, Pang Ung lake offers tranquil misty mornings, bamboo rafting, over-night camping -tenting and Star-gazing - Motorbike backpacking trip across Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Pang Ung Lake – An Offbeat Gem in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Popularly  known as “Switzerland in Thailand”, Pang Ung has mesmerizing beauty with Its beautiful lake, green pastures, pine forests and misty mornings. Pang Ung (ปางอุ๋ง), also known as “Pang Oong” or “Ban Ruam Thai”, is in the Mae Hong Son (แม่ฮ่องสอน) province of North Thailand and a favorite winter destination both for locals and tourists. Officially known […]

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Tham Lod Caves (Tham Lot) in Sop Pong (สบป่อง) near Pai are one of the most impressive Thailand caves. Cave exploration, Bamboo rafting through Lang River, Coffin caves and bats flying out in evening are the top things to do at this Soppong cave - Motorbike backpacking trip across Mae Hong Son Loop, Thailand

Tham Lod Caves in Sop Pong (สบป่อง) Pai Thailand

North Thailand is home to most splendid caves of the region and Tham Lod Caves in Sop Pong – สบป่อง ( (Also known as Tham Nam Lod and  Tham Lot Caves at times) is one of the most impressive and easily accessible of them. Huge dark chambers, massive colourful stalactites and stalagmites, pre-historic teak-wood coffins, experience of bamboo rafting, and beautiful site […]

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