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Wat Phra Singh Chiang Mai is one of the must visit places for Chiang Mai trip. If you are thinking what to do and what places to visit in Chiang Mai, do visit this most revered Buddhist Temple in Chiang Mai. Read our blog for more on Wat Phra Singh opening hours, entrance fee and dress code.

Wat Phra Singh – Chiang Mai’s Sacred Buddhist Temple

Wat Phra Singh (วัดพระสิงห์วรมหาวิหาร) is considered the most revered temple in Chiang Mai (along with another famous temple Wat Phra That Doi Suthep) and if you ask any local about the places to visit in Chiang Mai, this famous Buddhist temple will certainly top the list. Located within the walls of old city, you can easily identify Wat Phra […]

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