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House of Lies - Poem - Amar Deep Singh

House of Lies

You came and crumbled my house of lies,

You made me realize how dark it is inside,

I had been living within a deck of cards,

And believing in a happiness that you let me discard.

You removed the weight on my heart,

Picking my layers and opening my cage,

You cleared the heaviness of my mind,

Reading me word by word, page by page.


You made me cry, you made me smile,

You made me free, you made me fly,

Till my room was full of light

And it was all fresh and bright.

You let me swim deep inside,

Held my hand as I went light,

You made me discover myself,

With water gushing past my face and cheeks,

Clear, pure and transparent.


And then in a blink you were nowhere,

You emerged and vanished,

As if you were here or you were there,

It was shiny and it was bright,

Still I could not hold you,

Neither could I find you out,

Nor inside my castle of wood.


Lost!! I was out of my house of lies,

No path to follow, no pasture to cross,

No hand to hold, no touch any more,

My thoughts disintegrated,

Piece by piece,

I felt myself disappearing

as I lost path in sunlight

Blinded by brightness.


I returned to my darkness,

With my eyes blinking,

Again walked back

Inside my crumbled house,

Within the scattered deck of cards

To again build my house of lies

For my solace and peace.


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